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Please allow 7 days prior to dispatch, made to order.



A custom wide band detuned radio circuit..As no frequencies are tuned, anything can be received with overlaps of transmissions and merges of sound. What might be received is totally unknown.


Capable of receiving AM,SW,HF,LF radio signals from across the globe and local electro magnetic fields (nearby equipment, mains hum,power surges)


Use as a totally unique sampling source or for paranormal investigation.


Using Detuned

The transmission signals it receives will greatly improve in the early morning,evening and night. This is due to changes in the ionosphere, allowing radio waves to penetrate further into the outer layers, providing a greater angle of reflection.


This results in improved signal strength and waves able to travel further across the globe.


As a general rule: The darker the sky the more varied transmissions it will receive - be that from day to night or changes in the weather.


From here in the UK it has received transmissions from France,Turkey,USA and Shanghai as well as many unknowns and strange artifacts of sound.



  • power on/off switch
  • led indicator
  • gain control - when multiple signals are fighting for supremacy this can sometimes be used to hone in on a specific signal. Experiment with the positioning - generally set to max.
  • touch plate - part of the antenna circuit, can be used to tremolo the sound and coax new sounds by altering resistance through touch.
  • crocodile clip antenna - a 3 meter wire antenna - clip to the board to receive radio signals, stretch out the antenna horizontally (or experiment). The antenna is not strictly required for EMF capture. 
  • powered by 1 x 2032 3v battery (not supplied)
  • mini jack output


Youtube demo


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